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Meet our Tooth Team

Our team of high-energy, dedicated team members power Jeffrey T Bonk DDS. They are as passionate about dental and oral health as Drs. Bonk. They’re here to ensure your visit is comfortable, relaxing and maybe even a little fun!

Christine at front desk


Office Manager and Receptionist

Christine began career as a dental hygienist, committed to the long-term health of her patients. Her warm personality, individualized approach to care and focus on continuing education made her an outstanding hygienist.

She also has excellent “business sense” and over the years transitioned to her second career as our Office Manager. She’s served in this role for 30 years and is the glue that holds everything together for us. She understands that working as a team to deliver outstanding care to our patients is vital not only to our patients’ health but to the stability and growth of our practice.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Christine also services as our receptionist. She seamlessly answers phones, checks patients’ ledgers and fields questions from supply companies without missing a beat. “Life-long” employees aren’t as common today as in the past, but Christine’s exceptional level of commitment, determination and flexibility on behalf of Jeffrey T Bonk DDS is a testament to her personality and loyalty. We are proud to have her lead our amazing team. 

Fun Fact

Christine and Denise joined our practice even before Dr. Bonk joined as a young associate. In fact, when Dr. Bonk was under consideration to join the practice as a young associate, they spoke out against hiring him for fear the practice would become too big. Fortunately, the senior dentist in the practice at that time decided Dr. Bonk was exactly what the practice needed. And 40 years later the Dr. Bonk, Denise and Christine are still going strong together.


Dental Assistant

Denise is the most senior – an indispensable – member of our dental assistance team. There is virtually nothing she doesn’t do, know or understand regarding our practice and how to efficiently run a dental operation. Her many years of experience give her the unique ability to train new team members, maintain the office equipment, assist in virtually any treatment process, and procure any and all materials or supplies.

Denise has a relaxed, quiet demeanor. In fact, you may not even be aware of her presence until she until she quietly appears chairside to assist clinically, support patient needs or offer calming words to soothe a patients’ concerns or anxiety. Denise truly is our “rock.”

Dental assistant Denise training Lisa on the use of dental equipment

Fun Fact

While she hasn’t quite reached “Emeritus” status yet, Denise actually retired from Jeffrey T Bonk DDS in February 2020 after 40 years. We are so lucky she is back with us on a limited basis to help train and teach our newer team members, ensuring a seamless transition to retirement for her and us! She is especially focused on how our practice maintains the highest levels of cleaning, care and safety requirements in today’s pandemic climate. We are truly grateful that Denise wholeheartedly brings her knowledge, skills and abilities back to aid our practice as we all navigate through these tumultuous times.
Dentist in Barrington, IL


Dental Assistant / Dental Laboratory Coordinator

During her time in our practice, Julie has followed the opposite path of our office manager Christine. Starting as our receptionist 35 years ago, Julie has always had an amazing ability to connect with our patients, able to easily allay their concerns and fears about a visit to the dentist. So it was no surprise when she coupled this ability with her interest in learning to become a dental assistant – a role she has maintained for more than 30 years now.

“Patient centered” is the perfect label for Julie. Her joy is being chair-side with patients to assist in restorative treatment processes and procedures. She brings tremendous knowledge and experience to her role – and that experience is reflected in her ability to instinctively assist a procedure while supporting the emotional and physical needs of our patients.

Julie also serves as our dental laboratory coordinator. In this role, she aligns all of the tools, services and planning activities necessary to ensure the success of the complex restorative and reconstructive dental procedures performed at Jeffrey T Bonk DDS.

Fun Fact

We consider Julie our “all-around star.” Just like in gymnastics, where it’s necessary that one gymnast be an “all around” team member, able to master each apparatus, Julie is that individual for Jeffrey T Bonk DDS. She regularly fills in as our receptionist, supports our dental hygienists, ensures the office never runs short of supplies and above all, is ready at a moment’s notice to lend a hand or offer a comforting word to anxious patients. Julie is our gold medal team member.
Dentist in Barrington, IL


Dental Hygienist

Along with Lisa, Linda joined Jeffrey T Bonk DDS in the spring of 2020 as our full-time dental hygienist. As with the rest of our team, she brings more than 30 years’ experience to her new role leading the hygienist aspect of our practice. Her skills are surpassed only by her warm personality and easy demeanor. We are thrilled to count Linda among our team members and are sure our patients will feel the same way as soon as they meet her.

Fun Fact

When we say Linda is the newest member of the Jeffrey T Bonk DDS family, it’s more than just a nice turn of phrase. Linda and our dental assistant Lisa are in fact sisters! Beyond that, Linda and Dr. Bonk worked in the same dental office together more than 30 years ago! Their respect for one another’s work ethic and abilities has maintained throughout the years as their paths have crossed time and again professionally. When Dr. Bonk needed to rebuild the hygienist team in 2020, his first thought was to call on Linda. We’re sure you’ll agree she is a great addition to the “family.”

What Our Patients are Saying

Sean Beaulieu

“The staff is great and the Doctors are easy to talk to and understanding. I would recommend to anyone looking for a change or just searching for a great practice in the area.”

Chuck Smith

“Best dental services I have ever received! Clean, professional and comfortable environment and great communication and results! The first time I’ve clearly and thoroughly understood what, why and how things are being performed dentally. “

Michele Kielbas

“This was my first time to the office. I followed my dentist from another location. The office staff was friendly and professional. The atmosphere was pleasant and clean. I would recommend this office without hesitation.”

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